At L.A. Design Group – WLA, we have the licenses and expertise that allow us to work on most construction projects.  Our basic services consist of 1) design & engineering, 2) construction, and 3) specialized structural analysis.

Design and construction drawings are what most people would refer to as a set of “blueprints”, even though blueprints are not actually used anymore in most building departments in southern California. We provide all the necessary drawings/documents which are needed for the plan check review in order to get the building permits. Typically these documents consist of the architectural, structural, structural calculations, MEP drawings(Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) if necessary depending on the project, and the Title 24 report.

Since we are also general contractors, we can provide construction bids for our clients and this will reduce any confusion that would typically exist between the designers and the builders of a project.  Additionally, the benefit of design/build companies is that we can reduce time, expenses and any unwarranted confusion and headaches.

Our staff is very well oriented with most structural issues, primarily seismic retrofit projects.  Southern California is victim to a lot of seismic activity, so it is imperative to have structurally stable buildings or structures.  Our services include structural solutions to complex conditions, such as poor soil, hillside sites, foundation failure, etc.  We use computer models and analysis to come up with optimum solutions for your project needs.


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